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"Old Planet, Young People" is a series of 8 pre-recorded documentaries on the subject of environmental work in the Lillooet area. The show is put together by young people who will be talking to people of all ages working in the environmental field and to young people in general about their environmental concerns. These documentaries are produced by Fraser Adolph and Leif Douglass with assistance from CHLS-FM and generous financial support from the Community Radio Fund of Canada.

Old Planet, Young People - Final thoughts and thanks

We’ve now reached the end of this summer project. All eight episodes of the documentary series are now posted on this webpage, available for you to listen to on-line or download for listening at your convenience. We began broadcasting the episodes last week and while they’re still new we’re broadcasting them quite a bit. Currently, we are playing two episodes back-to-back on Wednesdays at 4 PM, the same two episodes again on Fridays at 9 AM and then repeating them again on Saturdays at 10 AM. We’re doing this partly just because we’re proud of the results, but also in response to requests from local listeners who asked for them to be broadcast more than once a week to give maximum listening opportunities. After all the episodes have been broadcast over the next 3 weeks, we will continue to air them but with lesser frequency.

When we started this project in July, I thought the documentaries would be about environmental work being done in the Lillooet area. As the series developed I came to realize that it is not only about the work but very much also about the people doing that work. When you listen, we hope you enjoy this voyage of discovery as much as we did.

I would like to end by thanking the following:

Community Radio Fund of Canada - Without their generous funding and support, this project would not have gotten off the ground.

Lillooet Camelsfoot TV & Radio Association - The governing body of Radio Lillooet who supported our application for funding and provided financial and other assistance along the way.

Lillooet Naturalist Society - Who also provided financial assistance with this project as well as valuable contacts.

Lillooet REC Centre Staff - Who cheerfully assisted us with printing and scanning documents and didn’t complain on those days when our operations sprawled outside the confines of Radio Lillooet’s studio and office.

Ted Margrett - Who recorded and edited our promotional video for the series (see link posted below).

CBC Daybreak Kamloops, Lillooet News and Radio Survivor - Who promoted our project with news stories about it.

All the Interviewees - Whose contributions both to the series and to environmental work in the Lillooet area are invaluable and indispensable. We are very grateful for your participation in making our project a success.

Finally, I would like to add my personal thanks to Leif and Fraser whose unfailing enthusiasm, intelligence and creativity were inspiring, and whose commitment made the project successful.

Jeff O’Kelly - Station Manager

Old Planet, Young People - "Potential For Growth" - Fraser Adolph

Fraser talks to Kim North and Odin Scholz of the First Nations-owned “Split Rock Environmental”.

Old Planet, Young People - "Birdland" - Leif Douglass

Leif talks to local residents who are involved in bird research.

Old Planet, Young People - Upstream Battle - Fraser Adolph

Fraser interviews members of the St’at’imc Nation about the challenges faced by salmon populations, and also talks to two members of the Sustainable Living Leadership Program about their trip down the Fraser River.

Old Planet, Young People - "Organically Speaking" - Leif Douglass

Leif interviews some farmers in the Lillooet area about the technical and sociological sides of organic farming.

Old Planet, Young People - "Invaders!" - Fraser Adolph

In this episode, Fraser talks with people carrying on the day-to-day battle with invasive species.

Old Planet, Young People - "To Bee Or Not To Bee" - Leif Douglass

Leif interviews bee researchers and a bee-keeper in the Lillooet area.

Old Planet, Young People - "Warm(-blooded) and Fuzzy" - Fraser Adolph

Mammal research in the Lillooet area. Fraser talks with Sue Senger about bears and Vivian Birch-Jones about bats.

Old Planet, Young People - "Where There's Smoke..." - Leif Douglass

In this episode Leif talks to wildfire fighters. Hear them talk about the good and bad of these major environmental events.

Here’s a link to our promotional video for “Old Planet, Young People”

Old Planet, Young People - Week 8 August 24-28, 2015

Well, here we are in the final week of “Old Planet, Young People”. I guess I should really call it “the official final week”. In fact, editing isn’t complete on all of the episodes yet. This week I have really enjoyed getting to listen to the first completed episodes and look forward to hearing the rest. I believe that final editing on all 8 episodes will be done by the end of next week (September 4). We will begin airing the episodes in the following week (Sept. 7-11) and will post them on our website at the same time. Check this webpage next week for a notice saying when the episodes will be aired.

We haven’t posted anything to the webpage (apart from this report) this week because Leif and Fraser have both been busy editing and, since all interviews were completed last week, they haven’t had any new and interesting pictures to share. Videographer Ted Margrett and I will be meeting next week to work out details of the editing of a promotional video he is preparing for us. When the video is complete and has been posted to YouTube I will post a link to it on this page.

This project has been a privilege to work on and I’ve enjoyed it immensely. The real stars of the show are Fraser and Leif and the people they have interviewed. Listening to the first episodes this week I kept being reminded that Lillooet is a really interesting place to live with lots of really interesting people. Hopefully when you hear “Old Planet, Young People” you will agree!

Jeff O’Kelly – Station Manager

Old Planet, Young People - Week 7 August 17-21, 2015

At the end of week 7 of this project, I realize that our postings to the webpage have been a little lighter this week, but we’ve been busy with other things. Fraser and Leif wrapped up their final interviews early this week and have been busy editing ever since. Next week they will be making the push to finish editing as well as recording voice-over inserts, final credits and the like.

Videographer Ted Margrett came in to the studio on Monday and Wednesday of this week. On Monday he was getting some stills and footage of Leif and Fraser editing. On Wednesday he recorded brief interviews with Leif and Fraser with me calling out the questions to them. As I told them, they’ve been sticking their microphones in people’s faces for several weeks now, so a little payback seemed only appropriate! Ted also recorded me talking a little about the project and my experience working on it. All of this will be edited together into a short promotional video for “Old Planet, Young People” which will be posted on YouTube when it is finished. Next week we’re just concentrating on getting the episodes as close to finished as possible. The video editing will be done the following week when Ted and I can sit down and work out the details. We hope to have it posted by about the middle of September.

If you’ve been following the progress of our project on this webpage we are grateful for your interest. I can’t say precisely when the final episodes will be posted on the page but probably not until the middle of September as well. As soon as the episodes are available on line we’ll make prominent note of it on Radio Lillooet’s homepage, and of course they will also be broadcast.

Please stick with us as we wrap things up!

Jeff O’Kelly – Station Manager

Here is a link to the pages on the Eurasian Collared-Dove on the “All About Birds” website (run by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology). This is an excellent website for beginning birders!

Ken's clip

Heres a little clip of Ken Wright talking about the Eurasian collard dove!!

Boden Butcher and his dad Bob came into the studio to talk about their interest in birding. See the post below this for a clip of Boden talking about building his bird feeder.

Bonnie's clip

I spoke with my momma bear Bonnie Dunn about the importance of the salmon in our community and what kind of problems the salmon are facing in the Fraser River. Here is a little clip ENJOY!

Bonnie Dunn

A very young birder talks about building a feeder

I interviewed a young birder recently for our episode on Birds of the Lillooet area. This is Boden Butcher, who is 11, talking about the bird feeder he built.

Link to Ian Routley’s Nature Photography website

Western Meadowlark - A common bird on the ranchlands around Lillooet - Photo: Ian Routley

Interview clip with Dr. Ian Routley on bird habitat loss

Dr. Ian Routley discussed some of the main threats to bird habitat in BC. In September look out for the episode of Old Planet, Young People on birds for a longer interview with Ian.

Old Planet, Young People - Week 6 August 10-14, 2015

Mid-August already. Where did the summer go? When we started this project 8 weeks seemed like an eternity. With only 2 weeks left, it seems like the days are flying by faster than ever.

Interviewing and editing have continued this week – primarily for Leif and Fraser’s last 2 episodes each. Leif is working on programs about bird research and fire-fighting. Fraser is working on shows about fish (especially salmon) research and Split Rock Environmental (see link to their website below). The last 2 weeks of our project are going to be very editing-intensive but we’re confident that we can make our deadline.

In the past 2 weeks we’ve been pleased to receive some publicity. “Daybreak Kamloops” on CBC Radio 1 broadcast a story on our project last week. This week there was an article on the project in the Lillooet News and another on the “Radio Survivor” website (links to the latter 2 stories can be found on this webpage). We are grateful to all of these organizations for the attention.

I can’t say to what extent (if any) it’s due to this webpage, but in the last month, the Radio Lillooet website has been viewed by people around the world. In addition to visits from the U.S.A. and Canada, we’ve also been visited from Brazil, India, Mexico, Australia, France, Italy, the United Arab Emirates and – most recently – Albania. Thanks to all of you!

Jeff O’Kelly – Station Manager

Potential for growth - literally! The seed-room at Split Rock Environmental

Odin Scholz

Link to Split Rock Environmental (see also interview clip with Odin Scholz below)

Odin's clip

I went down and checked out the new updated Split Rock Nursery, it’s looking pretty fancy. While I was down there I interviewed Odin Scholz. In this clip you hear me asking him why they collect their own seeds. Enjoy!

Unexpected (good) publicity!

Yesterday I learned of an article which appeared on the “Radio Survivor” website about our “Old Planet, Young People” project. This came as a complete surprise to me but I was very pleased with the article. Just below this post you can find a link to the article. Because we appreciate Radio Survivor’s attention I’ve also posted the link to their home page.

I contacted the author of the article who explained that he had learned about us through “echolocation”.

Who am I to doubt him?

Jeff O’Kelly - Station Manager

Link to “Radio Survivor” homepage

Link to article about “Old Planet, Young People” on “Radio Survivor” website - Aug. 12, 2015

Link to article about “Old Planet, Young People” in the Lillooet News - Aug. 12, 2015

Danger! Producers at work. - On Wednesday mornings this summer we get kicked out of the studio between 9 and 10 AM when Troy and Jackson broadcast their show "Animal Trax". Here are Fraser and Leif working in the maximum chaos of our office.

Old Planet, Young People - Week 5 August 4-7, 2015

This was a short week because of the statutory holiday. We didn’t plan any major events for the week but Fraser and Leif both conducted interviews and continued editing. They both have episodes that are near completion, but as we discussed this week, we’re not going to consider any of the episodes truly complete until the final week of the project. We don’t know what opportunities for great interviews may arise, or what refinements we may wish to make to the episodes.

For each of the past several years, the Rivershed Society of B.C. (http://rivershed.com/) has run its Sustainable Living Leadership Program in which a group of intrepid travelers (mostly young people) travel down the Fraser River from its headwaters to Vancouver. Along the way they have learning sessions on the ecology of the river. Upon completion, participants are expected to become involved with environmental initiatives in their own home towns. (Leif took part in this program a few years ago.) On August 1, Fraser and I had an enjoyable evening at the Cayoosh Creek Campground here in Lillooet where, along with a number of other Lillooet residents, we met the participants in this year’s S.L.L.P. trip when they arrived in Lillooet. One of the participants in the program this year was Lillooet resident Amanda Ned. Amanda’s family had turned out to join the welcoming party. She said that as they rafted under “the Old Bridge” (across the Fraser River) she could see her dogs on the bridge! You can hear a part of Amanda’s interview below. The participants very patiently put up with us bugging them at the end of their day for interviews as they set up camp for the night and began preparing for dinner. After listening to their responses to Fraser’s questions, I can only say that if they represent the future of environmental leadership in this country, it is a bright one. Our timing was pretty good too: just around the time we finished interviewing, their evening meal (with numerous contributions from Lillooet residents - I made cornbread) was ready for consumption and looked very appetizing.

One other random thought that occurred to me a couple of weeks ago but which I thought was significant: it has become apparent while listening to the interviews conducted by Fraser and Leif that women are spearheading much of the environmental work being done in the Lillooet area. I’m not going to try to extrapolate any brilliant conclusion from this observation. I just think it’s interesting and encouraging.

Jeff O’Kelly - Station Manager

Amanda Ned and Lina Azeez

August 1st I went to the Fraser River to meet with Sustainable Living Leadership Program (SLLP)to interview some of the younger people and asked them a few questions about their trip down the ALL MIGHTY FRASER! (Here is a little clip)

Old Planet, Young People - Week 4 July 27-31, 2015

Approaching the halfway point in this project, things seem to be going pretty much according to schedule. Fraser and Leif have continued editing the interview material they already had for their first 2 episodes each. This week we have been concentrating on finer details – transitions within shows, scripting and recording small inserts, and always asking ourselves, “How relevant is this portion of the interview to the topic of environmental research in the Lillooet area?” To be honest, we’ve left in some things that may not be directly relevant just because they are interesting, reveal some aspect of the interviewee’s personality or display something unique about life in Lillooet. The trick is squeezing episodes down to the 30-minute limit because most interviewees have been quite generous with their time. We certainly haven’t felt the need to look for “padding”.

Local resident and videographer Ted Margrett has agreed to make a short video for us, promoting the project. We took our first tentative steps on that road this week, so we’ll probably only have a video ready near the end of the project. We’ll post a link to it when it’s complete.

We haven’t posted any new pictures yet this week because most of our work has been in the studio but more will be showing up on this page in the near future.

As Lillooet zooms upwards to about 37 degrees today and for the next several, we’re glad that the long weekend is almost here.

Jeff O’Kelly – Station Manager

Old Planet, Young People - Week 3 July 20-24, 2015

In this 3rd week of our project, Leif and Fraser have been busy editing the numerous interviews they have already recorded. At this point we are into the stage of putting the pieces together to create rough edits of the documentaries they have been working on so that we can listen to them and assess what needs to be added or cut out.

A couple of things have struck me as interesting, unusual or funny during the course of the week. Anyone entering the studio from outside would see 3 people sitting at laptops with headphones on, occasionally tapping a keyboard, with hardly a word spoken. This job looks a lot less interesting than it is!

The other thing I noticed - which just struck me this morning was the evidence of our respective modes of transport: Leif’s motorcycle helmet, jacket and pants, my bicycle and Fraser’s skateboard. We’re certainly not guzzling fossil fuels while working on this project.

Jeff O’Kelly - Station Manager

A close up of the bees!

Hannah working with bees.

Hannah Crisp discussing her role as a research assistant

The episode I am producing on bees is coming together. Here is a short clip of Hannah Crisp, who is a research assistant to Vroni this summer, talking about what she has been doing.

Thanks to the young folks at Splitrock Environmental for doing interviews with us!

Vivian's clip

In this clip Vivian Birch-Jones describes the Spotted Bat - a species which occurs in the Lillooet area, and talks about a bat’s appetite.

Sue's clip

A brief clip from my interview with biologist Sue Senger talking about radio-tagging bears.

A link to the Spray Creek Ranch’s Facebook page (scroll down to find a clip of Leif’s interview with the ranch’s owners - Tristan and Aubyn)

Embrace the Chaos!

As the “Old Planet, Young People” project develops I’ve noticed that our webpage is getting a bit chaotic. Regrettably this is unavoidable depending on when sound-editing is done and when we are able to get pictures. The result is that links, photos and sound clips can appear in almost any order on the webpage, so for example, a sound clip won’t always appear adjacent to a photo of the person being interviewed. We regret if this causes any confusion, but hope that viewers of the page will take the attitude that it’s “a voyage of discovery”!

Jeff O’Kelly - Station Manager

Vivian with Lilly - a Hoary Bat who assists bat biologist Dr. Cori Lausen in her presentations.

A Fringed myotis caught during research in Lillooet, August 2014.

Vivian Birch-Jones looking at a bat during research in June 2010. (Sorry - bat not included.)

Sam discussing Spider Mite Destroyers

A great clip of Sam from HOOH (Harvesters of Organic Hops) discussing biological controls for spider mites.

The small black bump is a Spider Mite Destroyer - one of an organic hop farmer's best friends!

The view from Harvesters of Organic Hops

Sam Quinlan of Harvesters of Organic Hops

Link to Community Bat Programs of B.C. website

Link to Lillooet Naturalist Society

Vivian Birch-Jones talking about bat research

Just a brief clip of Vivian talking about methods used in local bat research.

Link to Facebook page of Harvesters of Organic Hops Inc. Lillooet, B.C.

Link to Lillooet Regional Invasive Species Society

Old Planet, Young People - Week 2 July 13-17, 2015

This week has largely been devoted to interviews. Leif interviewed local organic farmers Tristan and Aubyn who provided some fascinating insights into the socio-economics of organic farming, while hop farmer Sam explained some of the specific methods used for pest control. Leif is also conducting interviews for a show on bees, beekeeping and bee research in the Lillooet area.

Fraser interviewed Vivian, the President of the the Lillooet Naturalist Society on the subject of bats and bat research in the Lillooet area. He also interviewed Jacquie, co-ordinator of the Lillooet Regional Invasive Species Society - Part of the Invasive Species Council of British Columbia.

During the first week of our project we struggled with very high temperatures (daily highs around 37 degrees) and some of the heaviest concentrations of smoke (from wildfires in the Pemberton area) that we have seen in this area. This week conditions are much improved.

A wide-angle view of Lillooet and its geography

I have posted this photograph for anyone who is viewing this webpage and isn’t familiar with the Lillooet area. The photo shows Lillooet a little before 7 AM on Friday July 17, 2015. The Fraser River can be seen toward the mid-left side of the photo with the main part of the town just to the left (West) of it. As you can see from the yellow colouration of fields, conditions are quite dry here.

A wide-angle view of Lillooet and its geography

Typical Day on the Farm

A funny story from my interview with Tristan and Aubyn out at Spray Creek Ranch about what a typical day on the farm is.

Old Planet, Young People - Week 1 July 6-10, 2015

This is the first week of our 8-week project. Fraser Adolph and Leif Douglass will each be preparing 4 half-hour pre-recorded radio documentaries examining some of the work being done in environmental fields in the Lillooet area. Fraser and Leif will be interviewing a variety of people of all ages who are involved in environmental work, but where possible there will be a special emphasis on talking to young people about their environmental concerns and efforts.

During the course of this week we established a basic template for the documentaries, selected theme music (“Why” - Instrumental Version - by Classified) for the series, wrote a general introduction for use in each show and mixed that with the theme music. Leif and Fraser had little experience with sound-editing but picked it up very quickly (I’ve already learned a few new tricks from them). We also developed a list of possible topics for each show. Fraser and Leif are each now working on the first two of their four documentaries and have begun scheduling and conducting interviews.

During the course of this project we will be posting weekly summaries of our activity as well as photos of some of the participants and a few sound clips. We hope you will follow our progress.

Jeff O’Kelly - Station Manager