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Radio Lillooet (CHLS-FM, 100.5) is a small non-profit community-based radio station in Lillooet, British Columbia. We have been on the air since 2000. We bring voices from the community to Lillooet and its outlying area, celebrating the joys of small-town life.

Becoming a Broadcaster

If you are interested in becoming a broadcaster on Radio Lillooet, please get in touch with us using the contact information provided at the upper-right corner of the home page. We're interested in hearing your ideas. Any resident of Lillooet is eligible to be a broadcaster. No experience required. We will provide training and mentor-ship until you're able to "fly solo".

Brain Food for a Winter Evening - A new show starting in September of 2017. This show will (for the present at least) primarily focus on talking books - a combination of fiction and non-fiction. Up first - Hendrik van Loon's "The Story of Mankind" - a wide-ranging and fascinating overview of the development of human civilisation.

Live Streaming

CHLS is available for live-streaming at:


October 28, 2019 - Progress Update: Sorry folks. We've experienced technical issues for the past couple of weeks. Although we only had one substantial period of 2 days when we were off the air, there were several occasions when we experienced "dead air" for a few hours. Things are now greatly improved and programming is getting back to something like normal. Thank you for your patience.

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Lillooet has the best clouds!

Here is a series of photos I've been meaning to post for a while. I don't consider myself a photographer - I'm just a guy who takes pictures. If the photos are good it's only because the "subjects" are great and I happened to be looking at ...

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