At the end of week 7 of this project, I realize that our postings to the webpage have been a little lighter this week, but we’ve been busy with other things. Fraser and Leif wrapped up their final interviews early this week and have been busy editing ever since. Next week they will be making the push to finish editing as well as recording voice-over inserts, final credits and the like.

Videographer Ted Margrett came in to the studio on Monday and Wednesday of this week. On Monday he was getting some stills and footage of Leif and Fraser editing. On Wednesday he recorded brief interviews with Leif and Fraser with me calling out the questions to them. As I told them, they’ve been sticking their microphones in people’s faces for several weeks now, so a little payback seemed only appropriate! Ted also recorded me talking a little about the project and my experience working on it. All of this will be edited together into a short promotional video for “Old Planet, Young People” which will be posted on YouTube when it is finished. Next week we’re just concentrating on getting the episodes as close to finished as possible. The video editing will be done the following week when Ted and I can sit down and work out the details. We hope to have it posted by about the middle of September.

If you’ve been following the progress of our project on this webpage we are grateful for your interest. I can’t say precisely when the final episodes will be posted on the page but probably not until the middle of September as well. As soon as the episodes are available on line we’ll make prominent note of it on Radio Lillooet’s homepage, and of course they will also be broadcast.

Please stick with us as we wrap things up!

Jeff O’Kelly – Station Manager