This is the first week of our 8-week project. Fraser Adolph and Leif Douglass will each be preparing 4 half-hour pre-recorded radio documentaries examining some of the work being done in environmental fields in the Lillooet area. Fraser and Leif will be interviewing a variety of people of all ages who are involved in environmental work, but where possible there will be a special emphasis on talking to young people about their environmental concerns and efforts.

During the course of this week we established a basic template for the documentaries, selected theme music (“Why” - Instrumental Version - by Classified) for the series, wrote a general introduction for use in each show and mixed that with the theme music. Leif and Fraser had little experience with sound-editing but picked it up very quickly (I’ve already learned a few new tricks from them). We also developed a list of possible topics for each show. Fraser and Leif are each now working on the first two of their four documentaries and have begun scheduling and conducting interviews.

During the course of this project we will be posting weekly summaries of our activity as well as photos of some of the participants and a few sound clips. We hope you will follow our progress.

Jeff O’Kelly - Station Manager