Approaching the halfway point in this project, things seem to be going pretty much according to schedule. Fraser and Leif have continued editing the interview material they already had for their first 2 episodes each. This week we have been concentrating on finer details – transitions within shows, scripting and recording small inserts, and always asking ourselves, “How relevant is this portion of the interview to the topic of environmental research in the Lillooet area?” To be honest, we’ve left in some things that may not be directly relevant just because they are interesting, reveal some aspect of the interviewee’s personality or display something unique about life in Lillooet. The trick is squeezing episodes down to the 30-minute limit because most interviewees have been quite generous with their time. We certainly haven’t felt the need to look for “padding”.

Local resident and videographer Ted Margrett has agreed to make a short video for us, promoting the project. We took our first tentative steps on that road this week, so we’ll probably only have a video ready near the end of the project. We’ll post a link to it when it’s complete.

We haven’t posted any new pictures yet this week because most of our work has been in the studio but more will be showing up on this page in the near future.

As Lillooet zooms upwards to about 37 degrees today and for the next several, we’re glad that the long weekend is almost here.

Jeff O’Kelly – Station Manager