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From a tripod anchored in Texas, Louisiana and B.C., the All-hearing Ear pans the globe for that which makes us human…music!

Right Between Your Ears#52 Feb 12, 2018

The Emolympics Show

A slope style international selection of what them youngsters riding them snow-boards is a-puttin’ in they ears when they do a Chicken Salad off the Twisted Sisters. Climbing Sweden’s highest musical mountain, dancing to Wilson Pickett and winding up in Texas after a ride on the rumble strippin’ in a rig that Momma just hated.

Right Between Your Ears#51 Feb 5, 2018

                Go Aquarians Show

Shouting down the fjords, dancing in the reindeer woods and Guitar Men Then and Now.

Right Between Your Ears#50 Jan 29, 2018

The USS Little Rock Show

I’m Your Captain meets the Canadian Dream or How I Learned To Love Poutine.

Right Between Your Ears#49 Jan 22, 2018

Cosmic Square Dancing At The Cheops Pyramid

Right Between Your Ears#48 Jan 15, 2018

The Western Lands Show Travel advice from W. S. Burroughs, a pre-apocalyptic Mongolian song, on being 18, waiting in Hades for Stalin, what Neil Young said and winding up in the Blue Ridge Mountains with two guitar pickin’ Canadians.

Right Between Your Ears#47 Jan 8, 2018

        The Onward Thru The Fog Show

Seventies Swedish Progressive Rock with a shakuhachi jazz finish

Right Between Your Ears#46 Jan 1, 2018

The New Year’s Day Show 2018

A trip to The Royal Albert Hall yields an evening of violin both acoustic and electric. Songs ranging from Paganini to that Texas anthem, Cotton Eyed Joe also include some meritorious compositions by the best of the last few centuries and into the future, not least those of Vanessa herself.

Right Between Your Ears#45 Dec 25, 2017

The Christmas Show

RBYE Poster 2017

Right Between Your Ears#44 Dec 18, 2017

The Pink Panther Show

Right Between Your Ears#43 Dec 11, 2017

The “Delivering On The Promise Show”

Right Between Your Ears#42 Dec 4, 2017

      A Pot Of Pre-Solstice Pintos 

Served up by The Jingle Cats at Lake Balaton with your choice of spice:

   Easy - Normal- Hard- Dark - Insane

Right Between Your Ears#41 Nov 27, 2017

Lobster Mary Show

An Exodus from Mongolia to Medellin in a Neil Young state of mind.

Right Between Your Ears#40 Nov 20, 2017

Go West Show

Westward from our coast, Ghost Riders cross the big water and pass through Ulaan Baatar where we encounter blue-eyed, red haired Celts travelling East.

Right Between Your Ears#39 Nov 13, 2017

Four Birthdays and Wild Swans Against The Sun.

Right Between Your Ears#38 Nov 6, 2017

The “Thick As A Brick 2 Show”. Featuring Jethro Tull’s epic 2012 conceptual satire album of the same name in it’s entirety. TAAB 2 is the follow -up to the 1972 album TAAB. It charted to the number 2 position in Hungary. In TAAB 2, Ian Anderson speculates on five completely different possible outcomes for young Gerald with the insight of forty years of life experience. These hypothetical life stories for Gerald Bostock include those of a greedy investment banker, a homosexual homeless man, a soldier in the Afghan War, a sanctimonious Evangelist preacher and a most ordinary man who (married and childless) runs a corner store.

Right Between Your Ears#37 Oct 30, 2017

The “Thick As A Brick Show”. Featuring Jethro Tull’s epic 1972 conceptual satire album of the same name in it’s entirety. Screeds have been written on different theories of what it all means both musically and lyrically. (A friend of mine holds it to be a metaphor for the American Revolutionary War against England.)It charted #1 in many places when released but couldn’t be played whole in America. In TAAB, the lyrics are credited to the epic poem of a fictitious boy, Gerald Bostock. One simplified theme is that of a young man choosing between a life of letters or a soldier’s life. Of trivial note: Car maker Hyundai used the song in one of their commercials in 2001. Ian Anderson recorded a new version specifically for the commercial to avoid having another artist do it. He does not drive a Hyundai – indeed he has never held a driving license – calling himself a “professional passenger.”

Right Between Your Ears#36 Oct 23, 2017

Deep Forests, high Andes, oceans of sand, mute pyramids, Aramaic celebrations, a swamp highway at night and an airport lounge in Japan. A drift of golden leaves, the scent of snow and a glass of white -Oktober flares like a match in the wind.

Right Between Your Ears#35 Oct 16, 2017

Beaumont to Barcelona on a kite string. Birthday shouts to Tina Hopkins & April Ruttle.

Right Between Your Ears#34 Oct. 9, 2017

“Thanksgiving Day Show”

Tunes to accompany your feast and an Old Farmer’s Almanac Weather Report.

Right Between Your Ears#33 Oct.2, 2017

The “Grundberg Show”

Featuring the story “How I Met Your Grandpa” by Nellie Mae Grundberg, my Texas grandma.

Also contributions from the Lillooet Choir and my friend and neighbor, Mr. Dave Rutherford. Some Gulf Coast tunes and a version of Norwegian Wood that you have not likely heard before. Plus more on top of that.

I would like to say here that my heart goes out to the victims and their families of the recent atrocity in Las Vegas. Further, I would add that if you live in a city, it may be wise to avoid large crowds. Finally, wherever you live, don’t allow other people to tell you whom you should hate. Do your own homework and draw your own conclusions. As my grandma used to tell us children before going out to play in her neighborhood, “Ya’ll don’t be ugly to one another.”

Right Between Your Ears#32 Sep. 25, 2017

The “Saudade Show”

An attempt to aurally define this wonderful Portuguese, very Celtic concept, which you will come to learn is a healthier way to approach the high school dance of life.

RBYE#31 Sep 18, 2017

The “Cherokee Show”

Back in town from Vancouver and getting ready for Fall. Dancing with cats to a Cherokee fiddle. Bluegrass rappin’ and Sheila Chandra speaking in tongues…

Right Between Your Ears#30 Sep 11, 2017

The “Somewhere Out There Show”. A pre-recorded show due to the fact of my attendance at a Celebration Of Life for Mr. Jim Wong-Chu, a friend and co-worker for more than 30 years. Featuring Radio Lillooet’s first “Do-It-Yourself Weather Report” and some my-tee fine tunes.

Right Between Your Ears#29 Sep 4,2017

The Labor Day Weekend Show Some tunes for working men and women and students heading back to classes. Brought to you by the colors blue, black and green.

Right Between Your Ears#28 Aug 28, 2017

“Called To The Bar Show”

Amid the hurricanes and forest fires from Texas to Lillooet, a birthday show for Miss Judy Joe, Mr. Daniel Hawes and a hearty congratulations to Mr. Jack Ruttle, my nephew recently “Called to the Bar.” So here’s to calling all three of you to the nearest bar. Please find some dulcet tunes and toe-tapping inside.

RightBetweenYourEars#27 Aug 21, 2017

          “Glassroads To Moscow"

Or, how I almost achieved minimal ecliptical totality. Shout out to the newly opened Mel’s Restaurant and an announcement of a new show coming in Sep., ie. “Radio Lillooet Special Presentations.” Plus some great Canadian tunes and a history lesson from Al Stewart.

Right Between Your Ears#26 Aug 14, 2017

The “Cloudbringer Show”

With a shout out to my cousin Irene Grundberg in Stockholm, Sweden! Time to put these fires out… with a little help from Googoosh, Charlotte Church and Spannenlanger Hansel.

Right Between Your Ears#25 Aug 7, 2017

Happy B.C. Day & Happy Birthday to Mar Medrano! Some tunes to help you cut through the smoke… Onward then, Onward through the fog.

Right Between Your Ears#24 Jul 31,2017

On the last day of July, a tribute show to the over 150 volunteers and staff of Radio Lillooet. I’m proud to walk among you.

Note- From now, I will excise the Fire Reports from these archives, also for live listeners, rest assured that the computer and human hiccups have been removed from these clean copies. They are MP3 Player Ready.

Right Between Your Ears#23 July 24, 2017

“The Healing Show”

A very special show dedicated to the memory of my recently departed long time friend, Mr. Jim Wong-Chu.

Featuring the Healing album by Todd Rundgren in it’s entirety.

Right Between Your Ears#22 Jul 17, 2017

The Rocky Mountain Show with guests Gabrielle and Gale Pasuquin sitting in from Edmonton, Alberta. High energy tunes for fighting fires.

Right Between Your Ears#21 Jul 10, 2017

The Wildfire Show.

Right Between Your Ears#20 Jul 3, 2017

Songs for a hot tin roof.

Right Between Your Ears#19 June 26, 2017

A Post-Solstice Pre-Heater.

Right Between Your Ears#18 June 19, 2017

A Dreamsicle for the leading edge of Summer.

Right Between Your Ears#17 June 12, 2017

The Swedish Fish Mix.

Right Between Your Ears#16 Jun 5, 2017

“The Homemade Electric Jam Show”

We start off with with a 42 minute guitar epic from Bevis Frond. Sounds like 1967 but was recorded only four years ago. Sounds like Duane Allman but its Nick Saloman from England. A great soundtrack for near-future asteroid mine shuttle drivers, by the way. Then we set on the porch for some acoustic Sweet Home Alabama and Pentangle’s Waltz. Refreshed, we take a short walk through a Vietnamese Forest and finish up in the Bay Area with a lament by The Gravel Spreaders.

Right Between Your Ears#15 May 29,2017

We enter with the Sandman Bluegrass Style, celebrate the coming Summer with a tribute to Springsteen, dip down to Rio, head over to Greece where the walls come Crumblin’ Down. Then Hank Snow takes us everywhere, Brian Keane takes us across the desert only to find there’s No Sugar Tonight. We pause to remember Quiet Bear and our own chosen roads. After a lunch in Japan we head out on the lam from El Paso and finish with a Poetry Man.

Right Between Your Ears#14 May 22 2017

The “Lord Of The Rings Show” A long Neil Young song so you can get a beverage and find a chair, then Bo Hansson’s epic album in its entirety. Ramsey Lewis takes us gently back from Shire and Raccoon Eyes gets us to Rawhide and another working day.

Right Between Your Ears#13 May 15 2017

Metalgrass pickin’ with the Dustbowl Cavaliers, a toss of the dice, shakin’ the bush with Willie Jones, an Andean interlude, a merchant sailor’s song, a Fisherman’s Dream, around an Acadian campfire in the Ontario woods, that ole Cajun moon, a bit of Greek to get our appetites up for supper in Montreal, a tribute to the Boy From The Country, a blind man plays the oud, a rainy August night thumbing to Ft. Lewis, an Indian Sunset ending with a hound dog in the back of a pick-up truck heading down Highway 12.

Right Between Your Ears#12 May 8 2017

We start off with a gold-mining song with a flute and pedal steel guitar then jump over to Europe where Ian Anderson shows just what a man can do with a flute before floating on the Sea of Japan to soothing koto and shaku-hachi sounds. Freddie Aguilar tells us “There Is Time Yet” and some prairie boys tell us there is “No Time.” We pop up in St Petersburg, Russia and hear an indie band before the unmistakable accordion riffs of Louisiana carry us back to North America. We encounter a Big Boned Gal from southern Alberta and hear an Aboriginal man’s story before being soothed to the bone by Najma Akhtar. We get our souls wet in the South Canadian River of Texas and finish up in Surrey, B.C. listening to some delicious flamenco.

Right Between Your Ears#11 May 1 2017

We kick it off in Austin, Texas, visit the future, drop in on an old Lynn Valley friend, walk the piney woods, hear a raccoon sing(and his daddy), visit the Elk & Green Rivers, play a tribute to a Texas man I knew, sit in an Irish pub with the old folks, hear Chet Atkins after a couple of Coronas, get introduced to South East Indian London Country Music, ask a Question, make a judgement, imagine the pretty gals of Cali, Colombia and finish off with a damn good joke from right here in Lillooet.

Right Between Your Ears#10 Apr 24 2017

Some good advice on war, its causes and its aftermath by a few different artists starts us off before we head down to Beaumont, Texas with Ronnie Milsap and into the swamp with Gatemouth Brown running from “loup garou”. The boy down the road leads us to Japan for a break before the 2000 blues. Bevis Frond rallies us back to honor the brave men and women who refuse to kill for other people’s agendas with a Burrito Bros. nod to Vancouver, B.C. Next we find ourselves on a grassy riverbank in Ireland and fall asleep with visions of a Poinciana tree. We wake up and hear about the disappearing goat.

Right Between Your Ears#9 Apr 17 2017

A Tennessean’s tribute to Texas on the Sugar Road to Punta del Faro. A jump across the Straight of Gibralter to Morocco where we meet Mustang Sally at a Pow-wow, drink blackberry wine with some Greeks and Cambodians. Advice for fair and tender maids, getting old in the bayou listening to Freddie Aguilar, a wee bit of church for Easter, trying to make it in the big city and finishing up with a South African line dance.

Right Between Your Ears#8 10 APR 2017

10 Apr 2017 Starting off in Texas (or Texas Creek) we visit Sweden, Yemen, Japan (where we hear a 24 carat gold flute), the Carpathians, Jamaica, the British Isles, have a race with Shorty and go to a Garden Party.

Right Between Your Ears#7 Apr. 03 2017

Starting with some British Rock we head to Mexico, hear a Somali woman singing with a Danish band, have a bit of Cajun humor, honor B.B. King, hear some Tagalog with a Texas accent, meet the Canadian grandfather of screamo, go to the rodeo, ride on Pegasus’ back, try some ayahuasca down in Peru, scoot back to Texas and fetch up in Soho with the Cool Cats.

Right Between Your Ears#6 Mar27 2017

27 Mar 2017 Belly dancing with Russian Cowboy Surfers, driving a rig into Houston, Texas, waiting on a load from Mexico, passing through Louisiana, touching down in London and Manila, good advice from Graham Nash, talking about the Naskan Uxwal walk and finishing up in Cherokee Bend.

Right Between Your Ears#5 20 Mar 2017

20 Mar 2017 Today we pipe in the Cherokee Syllabary Scottish style, deal with war, ride in a U-Boat, take a subway in Montreal, visit the mountains of Tennessee, the Philippines, swing over to Sweden, bounce back to Texas’ Big Thicket, the Ontario woods, Galveston, Germany, L.A. and wind up in Greece sipping raki with Zorba.

Right Between Your Ears#4 13 Mar 2017

Mar 13 2017 Chasing rabbits through Taiwan, tearing down the still house, feeling the magic of the minimum dose in England, dancing at Woodstock, ghost dancing, catching a south-bound and pondering the mystery of Mrs. Murphey’s Ovaltine.

Right Between Your Ears#3

06 Mar 2017 “The Godfather Show”. Today we look at eight versions of the Godfather Theme from all over the world, played on all kinds of instruments. Along the way we fly to Japan, visit Germany, Italy, Egypt, Tel Aviv, India, Sicily, Sweden and finish up on the Lillooet Bridge Walk and go out on some ethereal pedal steel guitar.

Right Between Your Ears #2

Feb 27 2017 Touching down on the Cahoolawassee River, Yemen, Colombia, the Carpathians, Texas, Louisiana, Bakersfield, Vancouver and a bit of that new thang : Gangstagrass.

Right Between Your Ears#1

Feb 20 2017 First Show. I want to thank Jeff O’Kelly for his kind tutelage. Today we wander around Texas, Louisiana, the USA, Rome, Cambodia and England.