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From a tripod anchored in Texas, Louisiana and B.C., the All-hearing Ear pans the globe for that which makes us human…music!

Right Between Your Ears#5 20 Mar 2017

20 Mar 2017 Today we pipe in the Cherokee Syllabary Scottish style, deal with war, ride in a U-Boat, take a subway in Montreal, visit the mountains of Tennessee, the Philippines, swing over to Sweden, bounce back to Texas’ Big Thicket, the Ontario woods, Galveston, Germany, L.A. and wind up in Greece sipping raki with Zorba.

Right Between Your Ears#4 13 Mar 2017

Mar 13 2017 Chasing rabbits through Taiwan, tearing down the still house, feeling the magic of the minimum dose in England, dancing at Woodstock, ghost dancing, catching a south-bound and pondering the mystery of Mrs. Murphey’s Ovaltine.

Right Between Your Ears#3

06 Mar 2017 “The Godfather Show”. Today we look at eight versions of the Godfather Theme from all over the world, played on all kinds of instruments. Along the way we fly to Japan, visit Germany, Italy, Egypt, Tel Aviv, India, Sicily, Sweden and finish up on the Lillooet Bridge Walk and go out on some ethereal pedal steel guitar.

Right Between Your Ears #2

Feb 27 2017 Touching down on the Cahoolawassee River, Yemen, Colombia, the Carpathians, Texas, Louisiana, Bakersfield, Vancouver and a bit of that new thang : Gangstagrass.

Right Between Your Ears#1

Feb 20 2017 First Show. I want to thank Jeff O’Kelly for his kind tutelage. Today we wander around Texas, Louisiana, the USA, Rome, Cambodia and England.