Right Between Your Ears#104 Feb 18, 2019

The Cats and Dogs Show

Sting starts us off pondering faith and then we get to run with wolves through the Canadian wilderness. Luna Lee refreshes us with her gayageum just before we take to the jungle trail with a jaguar. Shweta Mohan calms both man and beast at that trail’s end and on the way back to the forest we encounter Luna once more, in fact, she opens the door to a wolf’s den where we watch the young pups play fighting to the sound of woodpeckers. Next stop is Little Cambodia in L.A. and then its straight to the old Club Chat Noir in 1970’s Gastown, where we don our best hats, order the strongest coffee & absinthe, light up a Galoise and float across the chess-board with the masterful Randy Weston and a little something he picked up in Africa.