Right Between Your Ears#37 Oct 30, 2017

The “Thick As A Brick Show”. Featuring Jethro Tull’s epic 1972 conceptual satire album of the same name in it’s entirety. Screeds have been written on different theories of what it all means both musically and lyrically. (A friend of mine holds it to be a metaphor for the American Revolutionary War against England.)It charted #1 in many places when released but couldn’t be played whole in America. In TAAB, the lyrics are credited to the epic poem of a fictitious boy, Gerald Bostock. One simplified theme is that of a young man choosing between a life of letters or a soldier’s life. Of trivial note: Car maker Hyundai used the song in one of their commercials in 2001. Ian Anderson recorded a new version specifically for the commercial to avoid having another artist do it. He does not drive a Hyundai – indeed he has never held a driving license – calling himself a “professional passenger.”