In this 3rd week of our project, Leif and Fraser have been busy editing the numerous interviews they have already recorded. At this point we are into the stage of putting the pieces together to create rough edits of the documentaries they have been working on so that we can listen to them and assess what needs to be added or cut out.

A couple of things have struck me as interesting, unusual or funny during the course of the week. Anyone entering the studio from outside would see 3 people sitting at laptops with headphones on, occasionally tapping a keyboard, with hardly a word spoken. This job looks a lot less interesting than it is!

The other thing I noticed - which just struck me this morning was the evidence of our respective modes of transport: Leif’s motorcycle helmet, jacket and pants, my bicycle and Fraser’s skateboard. We’re certainly not guzzling fossil fuels while working on this project.

Jeff O’Kelly - Station Manager