Well, here we are in the final week of “Old Planet, Young People”. I guess I should really call it “the official final week”. In fact, editing isn’t complete on all of the episodes yet. This week I have really enjoyed getting to listen to the first completed episodes and look forward to hearing the rest. I believe that final editing on all 8 episodes will be done by the end of next week (September 4). We will begin airing the episodes in the following week (Sept. 7-11) and will post them on our website at the same time. Check this webpage next week for a notice saying when the episodes will be aired.

We haven’t posted anything to the webpage (apart from this report) this week because Leif and Fraser have both been busy editing and, since all interviews were completed last week, they haven’t had any new and interesting pictures to share. Videographer Ted Margrett and I will be meeting next week to work out details of the editing of a promotional video he is preparing for us. When the video is complete and has been posted to YouTube I will post a link to it on this page.

This project has been a privilege to work on and I’ve enjoyed it immensely. The real stars of the show are Fraser and Leif and the people they have interviewed. Listening to the first episodes this week I kept being reminded that Lillooet is a really interesting place to live with lots of really interesting people. Hopefully when you hear “Old Planet, Young People” you will agree!

Jeff O’Kelly – Station Manager