The Future Is Sesquipedalian

          Bobcat Logic Show #125

In 1968, lone wolf investigative journalist Seymour(Sy)Hersh wrote a book on the topic of CBW. (chemical & biological warfare) He was deeply concerned and investigated thoroughly. In 1989, Toronto Star editor, John Bryden wrote a book on the same topic with a particular focus on Canada. He was also deeply concerned. With these men’s work in mind, I look into three of the “emerging” technologies of today and speculate on how they may interact. Along the way we look at the billionaires list, a thing called Wanda, recent Swedish discoveries by Svante Pääbo in paleo-archaeology and the ramifications it may have on our general understanding of autism. -With music: Melancholy Man & How Is It We Are Here by The Moody Blues, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Theme by James Mandell