1 Setting of the Stage, Our Earliest Ancestors, Prehistoric Man, Hieroglyphics, Nile Valley, Story of Egypt, Mesopotamia, Sumerians

2 Moses, Phoenicians, Indo-Europeans, Aegean Sea, Greeks, Greek Cities, Greek Self-Government, Greek Life, Greek Theatre, Persian Wars

3 Athens vs. Sparta, Alexander the Great, Summary, Rome & Carthage, Rise of Rome, Roman Empire

4 Joshua of Nazareth, Fall of Rome, Rise of the Church, Mohammed, Charlemagne, Norsemen

5 Feudalism, Chivalry, Pope vs. Emperor, Crusades, Mediaeval City, Mediaeval Self-Government

6 Mediaeval World, Mediaeval Trade, Renaissance, Age of Expression

7 Great Discoveries, Buddha & Confucius, Reformation

8 Religious Warefare, English Revolution

9 Balance of Power, Rise of Russia, Russia vs. Sweden, Rise of Prussia, Mercantile System, American Revolution

10 French Revolution, Napoleon

11 Holy Alliance, Great Reaction, National Independence

12 Age of the Engine, Social Revolution, Emancipation, Age of Science

13 Art, Colonial Expansion & War, A New World, As It Ever Shall Be