Tip Of The Iceberg

Good Evening Listeners: Tonight is a very special science oriented show. I have selected three episodes of WIRED’s First Season of a show called 5 Levels. In these shows, a scientist will attempt to explain a particular cutting-edge scientific topic to a child, a teen, an undergraduate in the field concerned, a graduate in the field and finally, to a colleague in that field. First up is a talk on Quantum Computing, hosted by Talia Gershon. Next, is a talk about the Connectome Brain Mapping Project, hosted by Dr. Bobby Kashuri. The third talk is hosted by Neville Sanjana and deals with the CRISPR Gene Editor technology. To finish the evening, we are treated to Alok Bhardwaj’s TEDx presentation about his EPIC Privacy Browser project. You will hear a musical excerpt of Eye In The Sky by The Alan Parsons Project. In this evening, it is my hope and I think that also of WIRED that you will learn that complex concepts are easily grasped by anyone once the barrier of specialized language is removed. Let’s get started, shall we?