Stories Told When No One Is Listening

Bobcat Logic Show #128

I have decided to share my poems with you listeners of Bobcat Logic. Imagine that you are riding your pony through the sage and pines and each poem is a scrap of paper stuck by the wind to a bush. If you are a water person, imagine that each piece is a bottle with a yellowed note rolled up inside that you just fished out of the sea. This collection was made as a cycle of seasons and thus, each group of poems are gathered under the headings of Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Between each piece you will hear a bell sound. At this sound, the paper in your imaginary hands will turn to smoke and blow away where it will. You will become a free participant in the sense that when any two people sit looking at clouds, both are free to imagine any shapes they want from the vapor provided by the circumstances.

Featuring an excerpt of “Yearn” by Yvette Young