Båtbyggaren Strand

Bobcat Logic Show #64 August 30, 2016 This Episode: An ambient sound painting. We are on a beach in South-east Sweden where some men are building a dragon ship. An Arab guest is strumming a lute and a Nordic Shaman is beating a wolf-skin hand-drum. Christianity is nearly a thousand years old, Islam is several centuries old. The Chief stands looking out to sea recalling the voice of a Brythonic Celt girl he heard singing in a stone Church in Ireland. It has haunted him ever since. In Spring, they will sail to Cork. Inexorable change is on the wind, everyone can feel it. Those to the South who would dominate now require the spirit and soul as well as the body. Featuring excerpts: -Pie Jesu sung by Charlotte Church -The Enchanted Sea played by Michael Hawes -The Psychologically Ultimate Seashore -carpenter sounds by Michael hawes